New book Turns Spotlight on Why Cultural Turmoil Crippling America

Author Boye Lafayette De Mente attributes the cultural failures now crippling the United States to the influence of male dominance and irrational religious dogma.

In a new book, HOW & WHY MALE DOMINANCE PLAGUES HUMANITY! – The Ultimate Challenge for Females!, De Mente, internationally known for his pioneer books on the cultures and languages of China, Japan, Korea and Mexico, says that the negative elements in all of the areas of civilization—from economics and politics to social behavior—can be traced to male dominance, the male lust for power, and irrational religious ideology.

“Males,” he says, “are genetically programmed to exercise as much control as possible over every aspect of their lives, and to use psychological intimidation and physical force to get what they want. This mindset results in males believing they are naturally superior to females and to think and behave in terms of tribal and territorial exclusivity.

De Mente goes on to say: “Adding to this built-in character, male leaders in all societies from day one created spirit or god-based religions to help them control females and deal with the built-in traits of males. Some of these gods were benign and nurturing while others were strict authoritarians who were jealous, vindictive and destructive—all human attributes.”

De Mente says that instead of curbing the destructive and violent instincts of males these man-made religions institutionalized and ritualized both ignorance and willful stupidity, resulting in the failure of mankind to create and sustain positive, humanistic, nurturing cultures.

 ‘Now, instead of a religious-based morality that originally had good intentions we have a money-based morality that brings out the worse in people,” he said.

De Mente describes the book as “a rant, a screed, designed to expose all of the elements of American culture—education, entertainment, manufacturing, marketing, the news media, politics and religions, all of which are now based on the new money morality.”

In addition to identifying and describing the elements of the culture that have failed, De Mente proposes a variety of fixes that could, he says, help the country restore some of the American dream. The book is available in both printed and digital editions from