Author Blames Male Dominance for America’s Problems


 CULTURAL FAILURES THAT ARE DESTROYING THE AMERICAN DREAM! – A Challenge for 21st Century Parents Teachers & Politicians, by Boyé Lafayette De Mente. Phoenix Books/Publishers. ISBN. 0-91477817X. Available from Print edition $14.95; digital edition $7.95.

    In his latest book, CULTURAL FAILURES THAT ARE DESTROYING THE AMERICAN DREAM!: A Challenge for 21st Century Parents, Teachers & Politicians, Boyé Lafayette De Mente—internationally known for his cultural-insight books on China, Japan, Korea and Mexico—says that dramatic changes in the economic, political, and social conditions in the United States in the 20th century have resulted in an equally dramatic lowering of ethical and moral standards in all areas of the culture.

Describing the book “a rant, a screed” on the present state of American culture, De Mente says that by the first decade of the 21st century American culture was characterized by “failed religious moralities, a new profit morality, a cancerous excess-consumption syndrome,  gutter-level moral standards in entertainment, advertising, politics and the news media, and a dysfunctional public education system.”

De Mente blames the still primitive mindset of males for all of these problems—a mindset that he says is based on a sex-based superiority complex, tribalism, territorialism, racism and the irrational dogma of man-made religions.

“Most of the violence, destruction and other harmful actions that have distinguished mankind since day one can be traced directly to these aspects of the male mind,” he said.

The book pinpoints and describes failures in all of the key areas of American culture along with the so far ineffective attempts to institute reforms, and includes a series of recommendations for returning sanity and sense to the culture.

De Mente also details the irrational and anti-human elements of god-based religions and describes how emerging technology is becoming the new god.

 He recommends that American parents and educators adopt the 26 principles and educational goals of Japan’s famous samurai warrior class as the foundation of efforts to reform the basics of American culture.

De Mente is the author of 50-plus pioneer books on the business practices, social behavior and languages of the Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Mexicans. He has also written extensively about the faults and failures of humanity in general, including “Why Ignorance, Stupidity & Violence Continue to Plague Mankind!”

A full list and synopses of his books can be seen on AuthorsOnlineBookshop.Com.